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part of a real company

1 Token represents 1 share

Given our valuation, the main shareholder, president and CEO of Lamborghini Latinoamerica Jorge Antonio Fernandez Garcia has decided to pledge 3% of his own founding shares to the $LAMBO token -> an amount of 3.000.000 (three million) shares from the total of 100.000.000 founding shares of the company.
So in summary 1 token = 1 share = 0.000001% Yearly Dividends / Profit Rewards
Lamborghini Latinoamerica, through its president and CEO Jorge Antonio Fernandez Garcia, is offering 3% of its Founding Shares, at the price of €55 Euros. Meaning that we're offering founding shares at a discount of 25.33% given that from our current valuation, a single share would cost €68.95 euros.
Token Supply
3.000.000 | 3 Million Tokens / Shares
Token / Share initial price
€ 55
Token Taxes
5% Buy
5% Sell
Token Liquidity and Buy Back Allocation
32% of Private Offer Sales
Note: The value of the share and the amount of Dividends / Profit Rewards from it DO NOT change with the fluctuation of the market! So even if the token value drops on the graph, your profit rewards / dividend earning DO NOT.

Token Launch

The $LAMBO token will be launched both on ALION Network and BNB Smart Chain
🚀 The Lamborghini Token World Premiere will be in Jun 21st 2024