Creative Team [Mages]

The people who work magic and conjure the undead

The creative force

Mages make real artistic visions. They produce audio and visual content for all the digital and physical ventures needed for the execution of LAMBO Roadmap
Duties of the Mage
Create everyday
Deliver Audiovisual Goods for all the other teams
Execute the deliverables inside Lamborghini Knights Manifesto
Follow the CODE
To become a mage one must go through the
Knights Portal.
Creative Team
Art Director
Concept Artist 2D Cenário
Concept Artist 2D NFTs
Concept Artist 2D Sprites
3D Artist Textures / Models
3D Artist Animator
3D Artist Architecture
Lead Architerct
2D / 3D Animator
Effects Animator
Character Animator
Video Editor
Lead Designer
UI/UX Designer
Industrial Concept Artist
Product Design Expert