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Lamborghini Latinoamerica

A Raging Bull
A brand is the greatest asset a company can have, so valuable that it often exceeds the company's productive capacity. Launching a brand worldwide can involve millions of dollars in investment in advertising, marketing, market research, and product development. It is a complex process that requires building a strong and attractive image that connects with the target audience. We’ve already done that. Therefore, the legendary Lamborghini Latin America brand aims to approach the token community in the digital era. We are committed to offering our users a unique and technologically advanced experience.
Our team is focused on developing products that meet the needs of our users, always with the vision of representing our recognized and respected brand in the token industry. We invest every day in research and development, as well as effective marketing strategies, to stand out in a highly competitive market.
Lamborghini Latin America is committed to providing innovative products to our customers, without losing sight of the importance of creating a strong and lasting brand. We believe that the $LAMBO Token will become a staple in the crypto industry, representing innovation, advanced technology, collaborative development, and excellent customer service.

That's where you come in

The $LAMBO is a new community that emerges at a time when blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial world. We are excited to be part of this transformation and invite the community to join us on this journey of the new digital era.


According to private market professionals, Lamborghini Latinoamerica is valued between 32-38% of the value of Lamborghini S.p.A (Italy). Many sources indicate the valuation of Lamborghini Italy from 2019 to 2023, to over €19.7 Billion. Considering Lamborghini Latinoamerica's valuation from 32 to 38% of Lamborghini Italy's we arrive at our current €6.87 Billion. Note that we also take into account the 99 years of contractual rights we have available.
Lamborghini Latinoamerica, through its president and CEO Jorge Antonio Fernandez Garcia, is offering 3% of its Founding Shares, at the price of €55 Euros. Meaning that we're offering founding shares at a discount of 25.33% (given that from our current valuation, a single share would cost €68.95 euros).