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An introduction

to the $LAMBO world
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Welcome to the real thing

Welcome to the new digital era of speed, with the LAMBO token from Lamborghini Latin America. The real company. The purpose of the token is to allow people to become part of the Lamborghini Latam’s mission, community and engage closely with the brand.
Additionally, the token will also enable the purchase of exclusive Lamborghini brand products and earn bonuses based on the profits of real products and projects.
We are NOT a fan token. We are Lamborghini.

What is $LAMBO?

The LAMBO token is a digital asset that represents participation in the Lamborghini community, and represents FOUNDING SHARES on the company Automóviles Lamborghini Latinoamerica. It will be used as a form of payment for products offered by the brand.

Token Targets

  • • Payout dividends for token holders - who become creditor founder shareholders by holding $LAMBO.
  • • The main goal of the project is to provide consumers with the unique experience of being part of the Lamborghini Latinoamerica Company. Additionally, the $LAMBO token will allow the purchase of exclusive brand products on the online marketplace.
  • • The construction of a Lamborghini development and research center in Latin America is planned to be executed, which will contribute to the development of technology and the automotive industry in all Latin America.
  • • The token will enable the establishment of brand franchises in various countries and regions of Latin America. These franchises will be environments with brand products, where consumers can buy directly in stores with the token and experience Lamborghini products firsthand.
  • • The project also includes the metaverse experience, where Lamborghini token stakeholders can build their own Lamborghinis, drive them, and even receive their Lamborghini in the real world.

Technical Specs

The $LAMBO token is a digital asset based on blockchain technology, issued in the Alion Network and on the Binance Smart Chain, which ensures security and transparency in transactions made with the token. The token will be available in a limited quantity and with fixed 5 step-decrease in bonus on the private sale phases.

Advantages of the $LAMBO Token

• Participation in the Lamborghini community;
• Access to exclusive brand products;
• Exchange of products on the online marketplace;
• Use as a form of payment in physical and online stores;
• Receiving profit rewards (dividends) from profits of the project.
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