Lamborghini Alion Metaverse

The $LAMBO allows users to buy, sell, and trade Lamborghini products directly in the Alion metaverse. Uers will also be able to customize their own Lamborghini cars, exchange parts and accessories with other users, and race their cars in virtual competitions. The $LAMBO token is the key to unlocking the your potential on the Lamborghini Latinoamerica Alion Metaverse.

A note about the Web 2.0

Lamborghini Latin America is at the forefront of the Web 3.0 technological revolution. With the LAMBO token, the brand is adopting blockchain technology and decentralization to provide transparency and security in all transactions. The LAMBO token is an example of how companies can use emerging technologies to create a new type of relationship with their customers, based on community and trust. Lamborghini Latin America is preparing for a future in which the internet will be more democratic and decentralized, and the LAMBO token is a fundamental piece of that puzzle.

Game Economy (in and out of it)

Seasonal and regular metaverse competitions will happen on a frequent basis, providing players who payed the small entrance fee (in tokens) with in-game rewards (based in €EUR), as well as real world rewards (i.e. products). The game modes of the events will vary from luck games to battle royales.
The Lamborghini Alion Metaverse already has a playable early alpha version available for ALL PLATFORMS (including VR)!